Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hold On To Faith (Spoken Word Video)

I've learned how to deal with the challenges we face by appreciating them more and more. I appreciate them because they are what makes us stronger and reminds us to appreciate what it is that we do have. I have my moments of sadness but they have been so minimal with time and it's all because when I do feel down and stressed about whatever I am going through I instead focus on what I am blessed with. I focus my energy on what I have. And I have something so beautiful and sacred that it overpowers. That gives me the strength, the motivation and most of all the faith to know and believe I have not been forgotten.  The almighty knows what he is doing when he sets those challenges in my direction because he knows we will surpass them and take with us a lesson as well as more of an appreciation.

My husband has poured out a very life changing and crucial moment we found ourselves going through in his book "Homeless With A Record Deal", we took that situation and found the blessing of it in the very core. It has made us look at things differently and appreciate so much more. 

For some time I have had these dreams of being in slightly violent water with turbulence but never going under, never drowning, these visions in my dreams have transitioned to huge waves that are at least triple my height. The waves seem to come and go and of course I fear drowning. Each time the waves become more familiar to me and seem less threatening, because I somehow figured out how to deal with them and continue to move further up shore. The last dream I had with these waves, it seemed not as high and again less threatening. These words mean so much to me. I hope that the words in this video move you and speak to you as they have done to me.

We need to truly appreciate what we have and appreciate that it could always be more or less. But most importantly we need to never lose faith and know we are going through ( different) obstacles for a reason, a reason that results in beauty and worth.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Self Challenge- OWN IT

Conceited and Stuck up are words that I became  very familiar with early on. Although I never felt they actually defined me, I realized later that my security and self esteem was most likely being misunderstood for being those things.  Either way, it had an affect on me, one that led me to shy away from being comfortable with myself. While most females struggle with finding beauty and confidence within themselves, there I was hiding my confidence and trying so hard not to project too much beauty. It wasn't until my adult life, where conversations with my husband have led me to actually share those moments and express the way it made me feel. The first step to overcoming is recognizing and admitting the problem. That's done!
 I have defined "conceited" and perhaps I am "overly proud" of myself, why shouldn't I be? Why should I wait for another to be it for me? Being confident to me is something I know many have a hard time with. I understand beauty is defined differently by everyone. We need to stop thinking there is one particular example of it. I know my worth and know it's more than just at the surface, it's your soul. Now in my adult state, I also know that no matter what there is always going to be someone that wants to say something and judge. Be it because of their insecurities, their taste... their demons.... Whatever it is it's all the same, it's THEIR OPINION! Something I can never take away from another, they are entitled to it.
There was one other word I heard a lot, from adults mostly ( family and strangers) it used to upset me so much and made me feel so crappy,  it's a Spanish word for unsympathetic and obnoxious, ANTIPÁTICA. It's funny to me now, many years later, now I understand that because I may be rejecting to something or a situation, I'll be called obnoxious. Once again an opinion they are entitled to, I am also entitled to reject anything un comforting or un soothing.  Nobody realizes as a young girl I've seen and been involved with things that led me to be rejecting and nasty ... if it wasn't for that I could have easily been the target for much more. So, I could (A.)conceal myself, attempt to camouflage and do everything possible to not give anyone a reason to say I'm full of myself OR (B.) I can exhibit my FULL SELF.
I choose B!
Just some days ago my husband shared an Oprah interview with me (I'll share the link), there was a part that mentioned her being referred to as being full of herself, she said you have to be, that will be the only way to be able to give to others by BEING FULL. So, if I'm going to be called something, I should OWN IT! And I will. That video motivated me tremendously, it was like the last turn on my winding key.
 I am now ready to just be my beautiful self and I challenge myself to wear my confidence on my sleeve.

Friday, February 6, 2015

To Know Or Not To Know (Free Verse Poem VIDEO)

To know love is to feel pain, if I had  a choice of knowing or NOT knowing.......

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My First Step

 Comfort sounds really cozy... Until you become so snug that you're actually holding yourself back from any challenges resulting in a lack of growth.
I decided to challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things I normally wouldn't or hesitate to do. It's kind of exciting actually, the thought of it all. And sharing the experience with others is even more exciting. 
In light of this "challenge" I will be sharing more blogs, voicing my thoughts a little more, and I will be making more videos ( I'm a bit camera shy). 
To start off I joined a webinar for public relations, something I have a strong interest in learning more about and I have also started a new blog "Locs & Locs of Curls" a place where I share what I learn all about my children's hair. 
I was inspired by the book I'm reading, Creative Confidence! Its motivated me to just DO! Try, try and try. It makes complete sense too because mistakes are a sure sign that there is an attempt in place.