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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary my AFRICAN KING

My sweet love,
Today is our 4 year anniversary. You are still the perfect man to me. We are building together and setting up a powerful foundation for our mini's. Its a beautiful life full of adventures that only you and I know how to make the best of and at times only god knows how he helps us make it through. You have taught me to control my emotions and not stress, so much that I even surprise you at times by being in such peace during chaos. In return I've taught you to better express and verbalize your feeling. We are encouraging and supporting of each other. We are a perfect match. We rarely fight or argue, we have such amazing communication. We are so open to hearing each other out. We are always working together to make things right. Jealousy doesn't exist with us, perhaps because we've build trust over it. You are for me and I am for you. You are the sound to my words and I am the lyrics to you music. I love you more each day and look forward to our amazing, bright successful future together. I love you beyond words! 
Loving you more and more,

Your Queen Ria 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

She, Him, Her, Me

If I were her and she were me I wouldn't physically harm him I wouldn't give him the pleasure of still limiting my abilities even after he expired. After spending so much of my life suffering and hurting, I deserve to be free and enjoying my life.  If I were her, I would not fear him. I would finally unleash the inner strength and will power that laid dormant within me for so many years. I would not hate him because I would be so empowered after putting up with him. I would laugh when he tells me I am nothing without him. I wouldn't be there the next time he wanted to raise a hand or threaten me with his pathetic words. I would not hide. I would tell him simply and loud enough for him to hear that I was leaving. I would leave for no one but myself. I would walk and not run. I would leave him with no purpose. If I were her and she were me,  I would make sure to teach her the type of man she should consider. I would explain to her the reasons I decided to stay when I did and the reason I walked away. I would tell her after the first, second and third beating I endoured, I found myself confused and lost.  I would tell her I knew it was wrong but thought it was ok. I would tell her I believe in love but explain that love is more than just words. I would remind her that apologies don't count if they are repeated for the same actions. I would tell her not to feel sorry for me. I made it out alive and in one piece. I would show her i am no longer a victim. I would tell her I passed on to her the ability that I retained. Unfortunately, I am not her and she is not me. I am me and she is her. I have learned from her what she has unconsciously taught me. I live happily ever after and it's because of her, what she did and didn't do. A lot of her lives in me, just imagine if she completely was me....

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 New Year's Traditions and Superstitions

I think we all do something special when bringing in the New Year. I made a list of 13 New Year's traditions & superstitions, share some of yours. 

1. 12 grapes at midnight for luck
2. A kiss for a romantic year 
3. Yellow underwear for fortune, success and luck. White underwear for peace. Green underwear for health. Red underwear for a romance. 
4. Fireworks any loud noises to scare off the evil spirits 
5. Walking outside your door with a suitcase for a year filled with voyage 
6. No trash removal, cleaning so the good luck of the new year is not removed
7. Wearing polka dots for prosperity
8. Coins in pockets or wallet for wealth
9. Throwing a pail of water out of the window to get rid of evil spirits
10. What you do or happens on the first day of new year projects how your year will go
11. Wearing new clothes for New Year's Day brings new clothes all year also promotes a new fresh new start
12. First person to come to the home, preferably a man, is the lucky bird and brings luck  
13. Doing laundry or dishes is bad luck and some believe the year will bring death in the family 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Completely Doing the Load

There are times when tasks feel like they've become too difficult to complete or the load seems too heavy to carry on. I assure you the load is not. The load that was customized for us specifically is neither too heavy nor too light. This is the load we were handed for a reason. There are so many disguised excuses we call reasons that one may say holds us back from completing or even perusing a task. There's a lot going on and while it may seem at times unreal and impossible, we can accomplish. We can make it happen. We are responsible for a numerous of things at a given time, but we are cut out for it. Not everyone can do the things each of us is intended to do. Having a dream and a goal to unleash from our load takes hard work. It's more than just luring it around. We have to work at it. Your load is special. And if another would carry it, then most all value would be drained from it. We need to recognize our tasks and embrace it. Know that it is handed to us for a reason. Who better than you to handle it? It's okay to feel overwhelmed by it all, but just know that you are cut out for it and it can be done. The reward at the end is so much more delightful, but getting the result will take dedication,faith and confidence. Vow to have less excuses and more acceptance. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

More Effort, More Desire! Less Effort, NO DESIRE!

A woman is as beautiful as a random bouquet of flowers yet as complex as the precise care needed to keep it blossoming for days. Yet, many grasp the technique and can maintain a lively bouquet. Think of a woman as that bouquet of flowers, that expects her man to know that technique to take good care of her. Clearly it's frustrating when you ask a woman what's wrong and she says "OH.... NOTHING". But, like the flower that just needs water to survive...then still dies after you have watered it, a woman needs, well expects more than "OK THEN!" Simply put, if the time and effort is taken to make a woman feel good, chances are she will make her man feel good as well. For a man it may be increased sexual activities, for a woman it may be just simply being in tune with her emotions and everyday encounters. Whatever either side defines as their "feel good", take a moment to figure it out and begin to satisfy!

Two Years Later....

Its been two years since my last post, and I call myself a writer! WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I seem to have gotten lost in the wife, mommy, student, corporate world. I almost forgot to bring along all of my beautiful treasured hobbies. I seem to have put EVERYTHING and EVERYONE before me. I didn't completely stop writing tho, I promise. No way did I not take notes and jot down loads of topics I'd love to discuss. The problem was making my way to the blog and posting. I had my husband in one ear constantly reminding me to reacquaint myself,in the other I was listening to personal stories offering advise and discussing the most interesting topics. My bulb brightly lit and I realized I needed to blog! For your entertainment and for the sake of my sanity of course. I hope you enjoy the words I have to deliver!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let Me Move You & Inspire You

As some of you may already know, I am CO-Founder of Get Wit It Magazine. I've recently released my FIRST self-published book. I have also started my own jewelry line. I've been dedicated to continue to pursue and walk in the path that has been given to me. Fortunately enough, I have a strong mind and have the patience it takes for most of us to get exactly where it is we feel we need to be. Last night, a concise expression of some sort of admiration towards me has reassured me that my goals are being fulfilled. Just like many others, I've had my share of difficult times. But, here I am, I kept going. Challenges or not, I chose to continue. The one that surrounds me at all times has helped me straighten out my posture and proven to be the perfect backbone for me. This is a quick THANK You to those that have supported me and have allowed me to move them in some way. And an even bigger THANK YOU to those that have reached out and took that second to let me know! To all others... well.....let's just say