Saturday, January 17, 2015


I decided this time around I would vlog my words, enjoy!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

W-O-M-E-N In Empowerment

I am starting today with a revelation. I refer to this as a revelation only because I strongly feel it is truth of something that has not before been realized. Call it what you want, but after reading this, Im hoping that at least one woman is influenced enough by the words to take appropriate action. I had 4 separate occurrences, one including the chapter in the book I am currently reading opening my eyes to the lack of support women provide for one another. I have obviously understood the importance of supporting other women and looking at them for the beautiful being that we are for a LONG time. I have an appreciation for us as a whole because I first hand know our capabilities and our struggles. But yesterday was full of similar words, inspiring conversations and related content from the chapter Im on. I had two separate conversations with women about the importance of us as women supporting one another. The importance of women letting go of the idea that we are in a competition. There is enough of it all for us not to compete and to support each other so that we can actually help one another grow and become. The conversations were short but powerful, we shared common sense, I believe because there are those of us women who have reached that point of maturity and understanding in there life. The third occurrence was with a lovely gal that recognized the support she was receiving from me. That recognition and the happiness I felt was brought her way (because of it) made me smile, it genuinely made me happy. I also mentioned the chapter of the book I am on, Creative Confidence. This chapter mentioned how at some point in their life a person loses the desire to create and show their creativity. They truly have it and because of a single thing, be it a bad experience, a mistake, lack of support or worst of all bad critiquing they just STOP and just like that... their creative confidence is gone, it's been taken away. That is so unfair, and so simple but so deep. I look at women and how they are ALWAYS quick to criticize and speak down on what other women are doing when they are simply doing what they enjoy. As women, I honestly feel that we could be so much more powerful if we realized our abilities. But I also feel that many will never fully come close to the ability because of the cruelty we run into. The cruelty of judgement and deprecating. Instead of attempting to humiliate other women to become the lime light and the best in another's eyes, let us unite and support the attempts made by other women. Why is it easier for us to act like we can do what she is doing instead of applauding her? Why can't we as women accept the opinion or advice of another constructively without feeling like she's trying to purposely hurt us or gear us wrong? This is not a rivalry! As a mother, a wife, a writer and an entrepreneur, I recognize those that are in similar positions as I am. I started a handmade accessory line and an online magazine... I write my blog posts in hopes of at least one single person to be moved.... I see what it takes to play different roles, to be a woman who is TRYING and DOING daily so I am all for supporting the positive moves I see other women make. I have no problem praising and congratulating another female. Imagine the difference that we could make together if we supported each other more than anything else we do to one another. Imagine how much stronger and successful one woman could become simply because she knew she had the support of other women who are cheering her on. There are those that are slightly stronger and able to fend regardless of what is said or done, that's amazing, I applaud that because of what they had to go through to become that. But we are not all built the same, and that is the beauty of it. We are all so different but so alike when we are labeled as BEAUTIFUL. "When women support each other incredible things can happen."

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Beginning Of Creative Confidence

I've only just started reading this book and it's already started having an affect on me. What seems like common sense and pure logic goes on without being noticed up until someone mentions it or writes about it ( huge Thank You to the Kelley brothers). We each have different forms of creativity and skill, we also define creativity quite differently. What's creative to you as a "painter" is defined differently by me as a "writer". One thing is for sure though, creativity is using our imaginations and our original ideas. 
This book begins mentioning that we all posses this creativity and as children we freely explore and experiment but as we grow older we begin to doubt ourselves, allow others to implant doubt because of opinions. We stop freely exploring. Many, including myself, lose our confidence along the way. Focusing more on the failure, opinions, possibilities and judgements it may result in. The best part about having the ability to create is that it doesn't have to be perfect. Especially not at first. It obviously won't work if we don't try it, if we don't try it, it obviously can't be modified and if we can't modify it we definitely can't perfect it ( to our liking). Obvious no? This is why I mentioned earlier the book begins by saying the logical thing. I'm so eager to get through this book, marinate and see all it has to offer.  
Reading the first couple of pages has randomly inspired me to learn something new. I've decided to learn to play the guitar. We will see how it goes. It will either go very left and my audience at home will beg me to stop the noise or it will go right and I will impress them. Either way, I will have tried without giving much thought to the end result or at least not focusing on the negatives of it. 
I am very excited! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fruit Of My Labor

I remember a girl, a very special girl. 
She saw the beauty in the most hideous. Always saw the upside of down and was sure to offer a cup half full never realizing it was half empty. She gave and gave and gave, received very little yet still smiled greatly. 
This girl came across a person that admired and adored her or so she thought. But this person drained her. 
The girl took this person under her wing, put in her all to help and made herself available for anything. This person took her for everything. The most valuable things were not visible to the eye but so clear to the heart. 
This girl hurt silently for so long, she knew she was no longer herself. She felt like she was deteriorating, waiting for this person to give back if not all at least some of what they took. 
This person never returned, now the girl, the one I remember is left with a whole. A whole she has attempted sobhard to fill. 
When I spoke with her I reminded her of all the beautiful things she represented. This girl knew her worth, knew her strength, saw the possibilities. What she feared most though is refueling and being left hollow. "This? This is what you fear?" My dear girl. I helped this her to understand that she was never drained or left hollow. This was an accomplishment. This girl succeeded in touching lives in some way or another. Everyone she crossed was left with something positive even the person that drained her took from her the lessons and values. 
I learned something during my conversation. There was no acknowledgment there were no thank you's. There was nothing from this last person. They took and took and took and then left, left with no words just moved on. 
I felt so much anger and disgust towards this person but now, it's clear to this girl, that it was a lesson. Many do not know how to say thank you or know how to acknowledge what others may do. A lesson of understanding that the tainted person took what was given and there is no need to fear my worst fear. Because lives are touched, a difference is made and positivity is spread. The mission is accomplished the task is complete.